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About Us

For over 80 years Castro Convertibles® has been helping you make the most of your precious living space. Founded by Bernard Castro and his wife Theresa, the business philosophy has always been all about our customers and we continue that philosophy still. Our goal is to offer unbeatable quality and comfort at affordable prices. Handsome by day, comfortable by night. That’s why we are so excited about the Castro Convertible® Ottoman. We call it the ultimate transformation of living space product. Take a guest room that is used less than 10% of the year and transform it into your home office, your home gym, your craft room, your personal space that you can enjoy 90% of the year. Yet when family or friends arrive, in less than five seconds you can transform your space back to a guest room! Turn that one bedroom apartment into two bedrooms. In less than five seconds, your living room becomes your guest room. You SO need one of these®!!