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Castro Convertibles helps you make the most out of your living space. Our fashionable, sturdy ottomans quickly convert into comfortable beds. It’s so easy, even a child can do it! Castro Convertibles has been a leader in building quality convertible furniture for over 50 years. Today, we are still creating superior convertible furniture with our Castro Convertible Ottomans.

The Castro Ottoman is the only convertible ottoman that is delivered fully assembled right to your door. Stop wasting money on those clumsy, unreliable air mattresses that always leak! Castro Convertible Ottomans will provide you with sleeping comfort for many years to come.

Our ottomans now come in two sizes – the Single bed size 33” Castro Convertible and the NEW Twin-bed Size 39” Castro Convertible, which is 1” WIDER than a standard twin bed! Both of our ottomans come with the 5” thick Castropedic™ mattress, which can only be found on a Castro Convertible Ottoman. Don’t your guests deserve the best?

Our History

My father, Bernard Castro, was born in Italy in 1904, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1919. As a young immigrant, Bernard learned English and became a furniture apprentice. He attended the New York Evening School of Industrial Art and received a degree in Interior Decoration in May of 1928.

Bernard’s passion was born, and in 1931, with his young wife Theresa and $400, my parents opened Castro Decorators. As my mother answered phones and stuffed cushions, my father built the business that would become Castro Convertibles. When only 2 TV channels existed, my parents decided to have me demonstrate that a Castro Convertible was “so easy to open, even a child can do it,” and that ad became known everywhere. Among his numerous awards, my father won the coveted Horatio Alger Award in 1963, given to Americans who show outstanding dedication, purpose and perseverance in realizing the American dream.

My father Bernard Castro’s dream became a reality when Castro Convertibles sold over 5 million convertible sofas in 48 retail showrooms in America. He developed the “Castro” Brand that became the standard word used for all convertible furniture. It is with this same dedication to excellence that I carry on my father’s tradition of creating the newest Castro Convertible Ottoman – the most functional, easy-to-use, and beautiful convertible Ottoman in the industry.

about history About Us
The History of Castro Convertibles was also a part of television history, as the young Bernadette Castro grew up before our eyes in advertisements and appearances on some of our favorite TV shows. Since then, four generations of Castros have been showing us how to turn the fashionable Castro Convertible Ottoman into a comfortable bed for your guests. “You SO need one of these!”